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Algopixel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading software solution provider in the UAV industry. We are currently engaged with several UAV manufacturers across India and abroad in leading the development for NPNT-compliant UAVs.

We provide products and solutions to assist UAV manufacturers, operators and pilots in complying with the NPNT regulations issued by DGCA.

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iDronePort Flight Module Management Server allows the drone manufacturer to register their NPNT-compliant drones with Digital Sky seamlessly.


Flykit is a drone operation management platform. Flykit helps drone pilots manage everything about their operations from a single place.


WebODM is an open-source free photogrammetry software. It helps you to create high-resolution orthophotos, point clouds, and DEMs.

What is NPNT?

No Permission - No Takeoff

As per the Drone regulations in India which came into effect from 1 December 2018, only the drones which are certified by DGCA are allowed to fly in the country. In addition, the drone should arm only if it receives a valid permission from the Digital Sky platform before every flight.

How does NPNT work?

The working of NPNT is a multi-layer process. It involves a registered flight module, a flight module provider, permission artifacts, etc. Read about the basic structure of the NPNT policy here.

NPNT compliant drones in India

The Indian drone laws were released in December 2018. The NPNT policy requires drones to comply with DGCA stated guidelines to be sold and flown. Here is a list of all the NPNT-compliant drones in India.

How does NPNT work?

After a drone is purchased, it needs to be registered on the Digital Sky App. The registration of the drone is done by the manufacturer on behalf of the operator. Read about the various steps involved in this process.

How to get UIN?

Drone acquisition is a 2-step process that involves submitting the Local RPA application and then applying for a UIN number. Learn more about the step by step process here.

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