iDronePort Management Server

iDronePort Management Server is a Flight Module Management Server(FMMS). FMMS is a requirement for drone manufacturers to register their drones on the Digital Sky platform.


Hassle free API calls to Digital Sky

iDronePort Management Server allows drone manufacturers to register their drones on Digital Sky with the click of a button.

Secure Data Storage

With iDronePort, manufacturers can easily track and maintain their registration database.


Support Multiple DSC tokens

The iDronePort Desktop App allows the Flight Module Providers (FMP) to securely sign the drone registration data with their DSC Token. The application support DSC tokens of different brands such as ePass2003, Gemalto and Watchdata Proxkey. There is no need to share your token with any third party.

iDronePort Testbed

It is a replica of the official Digital Sky application and it allows software developer teams of drone manufacturers to test and verify Digital Sky-integration functionality of their Ground Control software.

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India's First Drone Registration was done through iDronePort on 12th September 2019.

To know more about iDronePort and NPNT Regulations

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